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Electric Cars

For those who have tried using/owning one, what's the efficiency in terms of power consumption? Do you think it will work efficiently in the Philippines, where power rates is one of the most expensive in the world?

Haven't owned one and hasn't researched on it either.

But one thing to consider is how to compare this apples to apples.

Gasoline cost vs. Power Cost

Gasoline is money per unit volume ($/Gallon, PHP/Liter) while electricity is money per watt per unit time ($/Kilowatts per Hour).

Then we are comparing a full tank and a fully charged battery, again 2 different things. Cars will in the US are sold mentioning the MPG or Miles per Gallon. Then to avoid consumer confusion, electric cars are sold by mentioning the MPGe which is Miles per Gallon of Gas Equivalent.

But how do you define MPGe and it is really a true reflection of an energy equivalent. To find out units of energy should be used to compare apples to apples. For gas cars, there is horsepower, brake horsepower, and for electric cars there is kilowatt.

Now you are not really comparing power per unit time, but it should be power per unit distance.

Lastly, once you get power per unit distance, then that is time you compare price per unit power and eventually get price per distance.

Now that is how to compute everything in theory. How would I compute this in a practical way. With less complicated math.

I would fill up an electric cars batter to maybe 30% and take note of the cost. Then Fill up a car, full tank and take note of the cost. Drive the gas car until it runs out of gas and take a look at the odometer reading. Then drive the electric car the same distance, then take note of the amount of power consumed.

On the electric car, it will have the %energy left in the battery as a reading. From here you can calculate price per unit distance.

On the gas car, it will have an odometer reading for the distance and you can compute price per unit distance also.