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Layman-izing Reports

If you have a client with no tech knowledge about numbers/metrics, can you give tips on how to relay the analysis report to them at the start of project engagement?

Better Onpage SEO > Improves Ranking
Better Offpage SEO > Improves Ranking
Better Ranking > Improves Organic Impressions
Better Organic Impressions > Improves Organic Clicks
Better Organic Clicks > Improves Organic Search Traffic
Better Organic Search Traffic > Improves Organic Search Conversions
Better Organic Search Traffic > Improves Online Popularity
Better Organic Search Conversions > Improves Organic Search Revenue
Better Online Popularity > Improves Online Social Interaction
Better Online Popularity > Improves Your Backlink Profile
Better Online Popularity > Worsens Your Backlink Profile
Better Online Social Interaction > Improves Your Backlink Profile
Better Online Social Interaction > Worsens Your Backlink Profile
Better Backlink Profile > Improves Offpage SEO
Worse Backlink Profile > Needs Link Removal and Disavowment
Link Removal and Disavowment > Improves Backlink Profile
Better Backlink Profile > Improves Offpage SEO

Now in all of these steps... each part has a different tool that can measure different things. Let's try to list them down:

Onpage SEO: Google Search Console, Crawling Tools (Xenu, Screaming Frog, Deepcrawl, Botify)
Ranking : Rank Checking Tools (Authority Labs, AWRCloud, etc.)
Organic Impressions: Google Search Console
Organic Clicks: Google Search Console
Better Organic Search Traffic: Web Analytics (Google Analytics, Adobe Marketing Cloud, IBM Core Metrics, Webtrends, etc.)
Organic Search Conversions: Web Analytics
Organic Search Revenue: Web Analytics
Online Popularity / Social Interaction: Social listening, social research, sentiment analysis tools (Social Mention, Radian6, Netbase, etc.)
Offpage SEO / Backlink Profile: Majestic SEO, AHrefs, Sistrix, Moz OSE, LinkResearchTools, CognitiveSEO

All of these tools quantify many things and may of these metrics can be tracked over time so you can see if you are improving or not.

So what do you report on?

Depends on what you do in SEO.

Some SEOs say they do SEO, but they only do content marketing. Some SEOs say they SEO but they only do code changes. Depending on what they do, they can measure something else to see how they improve the site performance. But in the client's eyes, it usually all about the bottom line. How much did it improve my revenue. So as long as you can tie it all up to revenue, then good.

Unless SEO was outsourced by the SEO department of the company, if this is the case, they mainly just want to see completion of work.

Going back to laymanizing a report... we really can't say unless we know which part of SEO do we want to report on.