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Five Stages of Grief (during a Cryptocurrency Meltdown)

In order to find some laugh during these trying times, I adopted the famous five stages of grief into the world of cryptocurrency.

You deny about the prices taking a dive. You read a lot of resources debunking the inevitable. Charts and all those technical analysis showing an opposite result matter to you most. You appear too tough but deep inside, you are really doubting if the market can ever bounce back.

In this stage, you are angry with yourself. As that denial began to dissipate, you realize all the life savings you invested, and that fear that it will be gone forever. Worse, your family does not even know you have such big amount of cash that can just disappear in an instant. You are angry because you did not think first, you just fell for the hype. You didn’t even bat an eyelash when you deposited your hard-earned cash to buy the cryptos and now, you blame no one but yourself.

Literally, you bargain… selling all your cryptos at a bargain price. You don’t even care how much you have lost, what is important is that you can have something left.

This is the time that everything fully sinks in… the lost income, the angry family, the mortgage, the children. Everything seems to be falling apart… because of one stupid mistake – that is, getting into crypto.

During this time, it doesn’t mean you’re ok. But it is the first step to move forward. We rise up and begin to realize the things that matters most to us – families and friends. We move on and live a life and hopefully not commit the same mistakes again.