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Local SEO Google Results

Based on your experience, how does Google show results for locally optimized sites? Will it still prefer the "general" ranked sites over local ones, or when it ranks the locally optimized sites, does it usually happen when the "search term" include the local place/name, or when the search is done using a country-based Google site?

Example: (I haven't checked the actual results in Google)
Calamansi plants supplier

- If I do the search in, will it prefer NZ-based websites, or those that have NZ domain extensions?
- If I do the search in, will it still prefer NZ-based websites, or those that have NZ domain extensions, since I am located in NZ?
- If I add NZ, or New Zealand in the search term, will it put more weight NZ-based websites, or those that have NZ domain extensions?

Thank you.

When we talk about "Local SEO" I think of it at a city level. Even to a zip code level. Once we start talking countries and ccTLD, I consider this now "International SEO" which deals more with multi-country targeting.

In many aspects they overlap. But based on observation... on my definition of local SEO, the best ranking local sites that are optimized well will get most of their traffic on non-geospecific keywords on their mobile phone, showing local business near the location of their phone.

But for international SEO, the ccTLD is just one of the many ranking factors. It helps but I have seen many cases where the .com can beat the local ccTLD of the country where the query is done. Additionally, I have see some ccTLDs rank well in the US, depending on the keyword/industry.

Thanks Benj, I didn't know that's International SEO that I gave as an example. I have some .COMs that I want to rank in the Google NZ website, as well as NZ-extension ccTLDs to rank in Google.COM

As for local SEO, will a .COM rank (if SEO'd well), locally (a city, or town level) on

Pwede, just do everything needed for local SEO.

Which include...

Local map submissions & directory citation sources
Authoritative Local directory submissions (often paid sources and are not that many. Hindi sosobra sa 20 siguro) Like the local yellow pages website. Heto silipin mo

Do best practices to help invite positive reviews and avoid getting negative reviews.

Make the site optimize for mobile devices, because many local queries are on mobile devices.